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10 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You May Think

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 6/19 1:16A Health Fitness Revolution
All of us have decided, at some point in our lives, that we need to start making better food choices and start eating a healthier diet. This is followed by finding ways to revamp healthy foods that...

The oat milk wars are just beginning

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/18 5:47A CNN/ Newswire
It's been a big year for America's oat milk fans — and the companies serving them. In March, Starbucks rolled out the option only to sell out a month later. Silk added oat milk to its line of plant-based milks in April. Oatly had a splashy IPO in...

Sickle cell scientist fights for a cure for herself and others

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/18 5:32A CNN/ Newswire
Lakiea Bailey has tried to hide the pain and breathlessness she feels from her disease for most of her life. As a child, she missed weeks out of every school year because of sickle cell -- a painful, genetic disease that's believed to impact...

Delta variant will likely become dominant Covid-19 strain in US, CDC chief says

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/18 5:20A CNN/ Newswire
The Delta variant of Covid-19 is expected to become the dominant strain in this country, and it's further reason why people need to ramp up the vaccination pace, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said...

Juneteenth with Epic and Lucille s 1913

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/18 5:18A Style Magazine Newswire
Emancipation Park Conservancy (EPC) and Lucille’s 1913 are collaborating to feed Houstonians in need, as EPC celebrates 149 years of hosting Houston’s annual Juneteenth celebration. The organizations will supply meals for 2,000 Houstonians and...

The return of the flu? What we can expect later this year

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/18 5:15A CNN/ Newswire
Infectious disease experts are already hard at work preparing for the 2021 flu season, vaccines are in development and experts are keeping an eye on trends in the Southern Hemisphere as they enter their winter months.

Top 10 Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 6/18 2:59A Health Fitness Revolution
The raw food diet is a growing sensation all over the world. Raw food has a variety of health and fitness benefits, and its rules include eating only unfrozen, unprocessed, plant-based foods which have never been exposed to temperatures above 115...

20 Tips to Curb Sugar Cravings and Kick the Addiction

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 6/18 2:58A Health Fitness Revolution
We know sugar is bad for us, but most of us tend to indulge anyway. In moderation, sugar doesn t do our bodies harm but when our indulgence becomes an addiction we have to be careful and cut back. But...

How Having A Dog Can Help Your Heart

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/17 7:49A Style Magazine Newswire
In America, the leading cause of death for both men and women is heart disease. Though genetics and other concurring conditions are typically responsible for diminished cardiovascular health, there are many ways to prevent heart disease from...

Here s what the Supreme Court s Affordable Care Act ruling means for you

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 6/17 7:15A CNN/ Newswire
The Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land. The Supreme Court's dismissal Thursday of the latest Republican-led challenge to the landmark health reform law, widely known as Obamacare, leaves in place the existing system.

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking More Water

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 6/17 3:00A Health Fitness Revolution
Staying hydrated, especially during the summer, is so important to a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are made up of almost 70% water. When water is not present, the body starts to break down and problems begin to happen. Most people don t realize...

The Surprising Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 6/16 7:43A Health Fitness Revolution
Hemp oil is the most frequently misunderstood of all the oils, but it packs plenty of health benefits. Most of that misunderstanding comes from its association with marijuana. But hemp oil is made...
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