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Disinfecting surfaces to prevent Covid often all for show, CDC advises

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 4/20 4:23A CNN/ Newswire
The risk of surface transmission of Covid-19 is low, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday. Far more important is airborne transmission -- and people who obsessively disinfect surfaces may be doing more harm than good..

Calcium: The Bone-Hard Guide

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/19 6:22A Health Fitness Revolution
Calcium, what does it do and how do we get it? We all know that essentially calcium helps to build strong bones but is there more to it? Is milk really the best way of obtaining calcium? Are...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Oranges

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/18 5:35A Health Fitness Revolution
Orange: the color of the setting sun, Syracuse basketball, and delicious fruit. The fruit comes in many forms-from Jaffa oranges to blood oranges- and all of them are healthy delicious treats. Back before refrigeration and fast transportation,...

Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/18 1:01A Health Fitness Revolution
We love finding alternatives and choices in life, and we realize that many people benefit from educating themselves about healthy alternatives to milk due to dietary restrictions or simply personal...

Top 10 Benefits of Taekwondo for Kids

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/17 7:59A Health Fitness Revolution
Allowing your children to participate in Taekwondo is a fantastic way for them to explore and develop lifelong skills. Youth martial arts not only play an important role in exercise, but promote mental and psychological advances as well. The...

Top 10 Foods for Longevity

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/17 1:10A Health Fitness Revolution
Longevity isn t just about good genes- our lifestyle choices play a large role in how old we live. The everyday decisions we make about nutrition, fitness, sleep, and other health choices control many...

10 Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/16 5:30A Health Fitness Revolution
Every dog needs exercise just like people do, so why not exercise together? Being able to exercise and spend time with your best friend should be a win-win. Not only would your dog appreciate the...

Houston Health Officials Pause the Distribution of J&J Vaccine

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 4/16 3:05A Jo-Carolyn Goode
Apprehension about getting inoculated for COVID-19 has just increased in many individuals after the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused by officials of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Federal Drug...

Top 10 Teas for Good Health

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/16 2:00A Health Fitness Revolution
Samir Becic and the Health Fitness Revolution team have put together a list of the Top 10 Teas for Good Health Herbal teas are a delicious and easy way to up your fluid intake and sneak in some extra nutrients. Unlike coffee, whose health...

State: 7,000+ doses invalid or wasted at vaccine clinic

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 4/15 9:12A CNN/ Newswire
State health officials are urging thousands of Coloradans to get revaccinated after getting doses at Dr. Moma's Health & Wellness Center in Colorado Springs.

Healthy Choices when Eating Out

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/15 5:00A Health Fitness Revolution
Who doesn t want to eat out? Getting the chance to skip meal prepping and not have any dishes to wash is a definite plus! Even if you re looking out for your health, there are healthy choices you can...

5 Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 4/14 11:53A Health Fitness Revolution
Cell phones are the most important electronic devices in our lives. They stream shows, send and receive texts, make calls, they do basically everything. Unfortunately, with a lot of the good there’s...
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