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It is part of human nature to want to belong to something greater than oneself. A sense of belonging to a greater community improves one’s motivation, health, and happiness. For those with disabilities, this oftentimes can lead to isolation and estrangement from the rest of the world; this feeling of belonging is priceless.

One local rehabilitation program for those with disabilities is striving to bring that sense of belonging and community to all of their clients by implementing day outings and work programs in the local community.

“We want all of our clients to have a sense of belonging, not only at our facility, but also in the community. Our group outings and work programs help them to have a sense of independence while building their confidence and heightening their quality of life,” said Rachel Jelks, owner of T.E.A.M. Abilities, Inc., a provider for individuals with disabilities where Together Everyone Achieves More. “It really means a lot to them that we trust them to perform a service so that they can live and work like any other community member.”

The Short Stop program began on September 29 and runs through November 12. The T.E.A.M. Abilities group runs the two concession stands at Bayer Park for the Northwest 45 Little League every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Working alongside local teenagers, they prep, serve, clean, and run the register while earning minimum wage. These tasks give the participants the chance to interact with others and learn important skills such as money management.

Work programs such as the Short Stop program, however, are not a new idea to T.E.A.M. Abilities. They also run Rachel’s Vintage Market, located in Old Town Spring where their clients make bath bombs and candles to sell. “When we first opened, we couldn’t find any jobs for them in the community, so we made them by starting Rachel’s Vintage Market. Now, we are fortunate to have these other opportunities to add to our programs throughout the year,” Jelks said. “And we are always looking for more ways to get our clients involved.”

T.E.A.M. Abilities, Inc., is a provider for individuals with developmental disabilities located at 4572 FM 1960 Rd W. Houston, TX 77069. For more information about their services including their Day Rehabilitation Program please call 832-965-5549 or email

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