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THE WOODLANDS, TX – BAILEY’S VOICE, a feature film that was written, produced, filmed, and edited locally, is planning a red carpet premiere at the end of this month. However, the producers at Magic Fire Productions and Blain Film Co. are inviting the media, industry professionals, film critics, and key members of the community to attend a Pre-Screen Mixer this upcoming Saturday, June 24, starting at 7:00 p.m. at Class Act Productions, 25275 Budde Rd # 25, Spring, TX 77380.

At the event, there will be a networking mixer featuring champagne and hors d’oeuvres, a private screening of the film, and a post-screening opportunity to meet, interview, videotape, and photograph key members of the production team, including director Brandon Brumfield, producer Paul Blain, screenwriter Sean K. Thompson, and lead actors in the production. Blu-Ray discs of the film will also be made available.

BAILEY’S VOICE is a feature-length film about Reed and Maggie Daltry, a young married couple, who learn that their young daughter Bailey is severely autistic, situated at a point on the spectrum that she is completely uncommunicative. A chance encounter with the parent of another autistic child opens Reed and Maggie’s eyes to the possibilities of technology to provide resources for those on the autism spectrum. The film takes a sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, but always human look at the effects the disorder can have on a family. Bittersweet but ultimately uplifting despite no pat resolutions or easy answers, BAILEY’S VOICE is itself a significant voice to the world on behalf of those on the spectrum and their families.

“I wanted to convey a true sense of reality and humanity in this film,” said screenwriter Sean K. Thompson. “In Hollywood, autism is usually depicted as merely a plot point, where the autistic child has the secret codes or other such MacGuffin. In this world, however, Bailey is simply a child unable to communicate in traditional ways and is determined in her silence to overcome the barrier.”

Director Brandon Brumfield is no stranger to telling human-interest stories, having started his filmmaking career as a youth and expanding Magic Fire Productions to a true feature film independent studio.

“I love to tell stories, and BAILEY'S VOICE is the perfect example of why we love film so much,” said Brumfield. “It is so much more than an independent film using local talent and resources. The creation and completion of this film involved community on different levels; geographical, societal... having all these resources in this area was astounding. And the patience of the cast and crew through the COVID times never wavered. With those darker times behind us, the world is finally ready for Bailey.”

Producer Paul Blain of Blain Film Co., who also has a role in the film as Reed’s boss, is strong in his belief that there is a place for independent filmmaking in The Woodlands area. “This film is about understanding those who may communicate differently than us,” he said. “One of the beautiful things about Filmmaking in general, is the opportunity to present a variety of perspectives and life experiences. It is my hope that the viewers of BAILEY’S VOICE will come away with a strong desire to seek to understand the many amazing  and all-too-often ignored people on the autism spectrum.”

BAILEY’S VOICE was completely filmed and produced in The Woodlands area using personal funds of the production team and monies donated to a GoFundMe account. It has already won the Best Human Interest Film category in the 2023 World Premiere Film Festival. The film stars Samantha Walker, Troy Lowry Jr., Rachel Brownhill, and introduces Samantha Kerns as Bailey.

Members of the public can attend the Pre-Screening Mixer by purchasing tickets at


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