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Emergency Chaplain Group

April 27 event will bring much-needed assistance to First Responders in crisis

Blackwood Gun Club is hosting a special clay-shooting tournament to raise funds for Emergency Chaplain Group, a nonprofit organization that provides counseling services for First Responders. The “Shoot Clays – Save Lives Clay-Shooting Tournament” will take place on Friday, April 27 at 1400 FM 2854 in Conroe.

J.C. “Skip” Straus, BCC and Chaplain Emeritus of Emergency Chaplain Group, has extended an invitation to local and regional businesses to provide sponsorships for the event.

“Emergency Chaplain Group is grateful for the communities’ ongoing support. It is with your generous donations that lives are changed forever, and we hope your generosity will extend into this event,” said Straus. “Our chaplains serve EMTs, firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers, and dispatchers and their families. We work closely with First Responders at the scene of an accident and afterwards to cope with the horrific events they witness, such as child fatalities, teenage suicide, or the deadly effects of drunk driving.”

The chaplains understand that it is difficult for First Responders to separate themselves from their feelings and “turn it off” at the end of the shift for a good reason; all of ECG’s chaplains are or have been First Responders themselves. In dealing with post-traumatic stress, their chaplains continue to assist the First Responders and their families in dealing with critical incident stress, ongoing stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

More information on sponsorship opportunities can be found at or by calling 855-4-EM-CHAP (855-436-2427).


About Emergency Chaplain Group

Emergency Chaplain Group, founded in 1998, is a group of specially trained chaplains who respond to the needs of the first responder community both on-scene and “behind-scene,” with an emphasis on Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress services. The services offered by the group are without regard to religious affiliation (or lack thereof). For more information, visit or call 855.4EM.CHAP (855.436.2427).

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