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E-booklet features numerous life- and property-saving tips for when the storms come

As Hurricane Harvey threatens to form off the Texas coast and possibly bring heavy rains, winds, and flooding to the area, one local business and community leader is offering some free advice that just might save lives. Woodlands Eco Realty today announced that it has created a hurricane survival guide that is available for download free of charge to the public. Hurricane Preparedness: How to Stay Informed and Prepare Your Home, Your Family, and Your Pets is an e-guide written by Woodlands Eco Realty founder and president Priyanka Johri.

“Especially after the floods of last year, Woodlands area residents need to be prepared for any eventuality that comes with hurricane season,” said Johri. “I wanted to create a comprehensive yet convenient guide to help homeowners prepare for the eventuality – as well as the potential aftermath – of a heavy storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster.”

The guide has information about such topics as:

  • Storm tracking and how to receive weather updates
  • Important services and phone numbers to know
  • Preparing gutters, windows, downspouts, roof, and doors
  • Preparing your family, including those with infants or elderly parents or members with disabilities
  • Preparing your pets and large animals
  • A Preparedness Timeline

The guide is free to the public and can be downloaded from

Johri encourages local residents to come by Woodlands Eco Realty, 26519 Interstate 45 North, on the southbound feeder road between Woodlands Parkway and Sawdust, to pick up one of her pocket-sized “Personal Emergency Information” cards that she typically hands out to all of her clients, now available to all members of the public.

Additionally, Johri runs Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary, a safe haven for elderly and special needs dogs. She also encourages members of the public to stop by and pick up one of her specially designed “Emergency Pet Information” cards that she typically hands out to all of her pet-owning clients. “While my clients automatically receive these cards, for the duration of hurricane season I’m offering it to members of the general public so that all members of our family – whether they have two legs or four – can stay safe,” she said.


About Woodlands Eco Realty

Woodland s Eco Realty is owned and operated by Priyanka Johri, a broker/realtor based in The Woodlands and serving Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Johri serves on the Montgomery County Leadership Team, the Houston Realtors International Advisory Board, and the Houston Realtors Technology Board. She is also part of Texas Realtors Leadership Program and the winner of prestigious Good Neighbor Award from the National Association of Realtors. She is a diplomat at The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce and helps local businesses grow and flourish in her community. Woodlands Eco Realty is located at 26519 Interstate 45 N, The Woodlands, TX 77380. For more information, call 832-277-3577 or visit

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